Baby FAQ’s

These are the most often asked questions if you do not find the answer to your question, please just get in touch and we will endevour to supply you with the answer you require.

What is a good age for a baby portrait?
That entirely depends on the image you are after. Sleeping Baby portraits should be taken in the first couple of months while they still sleep soundly. After that images can be of baby pushing himself up, and then sitting up. The main thing to bear in mind is that they change so quickly that
you do need to book a session quickly once they reach your chosen stage.
How long will the session be?
Baby determines that one. Quite often 20 minutes is the maximum we get – although we do allow plenty of time before and after so no-one is rushed. We will have discussed with you prior to your shoot what the set will be, so the Studio is ready and waiting for the right moment.
Have you any disabled facilities?
Our studio is fully disabled friendly. We know first hand how important this question can be.  We are all ground floor.  We have an accommodating WC that can double up as a private changing room too. Our doors are disabled widths for wheelchairs and the only step in the building is 2″ high at the studio’s front door.
How many people can we have in my session ?
Our studio can photograph groups of up to 30 in one image and unlimited on location.
How long do the preview appointments take?
We allow an hour and 30 mins for each preview appointment.  Most of the time that is plenty for you to decide how many images you wish to purchase.
Do I need to bring props & clothes ?
We have a plethora of props in the studio, but if you prefer to bring your own, please feel free to do so. Clothes are personal. Feel free to bring yours for that unique look all of your own.
Will there be other people around at my session ?
I usually work on a one to one with no assistants. Sally my wife is usually available if you or I need any assistance.  You are welcome to bring a friend to help you if required, that will be fine with me.
Who decides on the images you capture ?
“We do, together!” I will suggest what worked for others in the past and show you samples. You may already have ideas and samples of your own. So we decide together what will work best for you.
How many photos do you take ?
That’s a good question. I do not count the actual shots I capture. I prefer to count the images we create, ie the number of poses, styles etc so that you have a good selection of different portraits. I do not limit myself, time usually will do that for us.
How big is the included mounted image ?
If you’re lucky enough to have won a mounted portrait as a prize they are usually a mounted image about 8″ x 6″ in a 10″x 8″ black quality card mount (ready to frame in any 10″x 8″ glazed frame).
How big are the printed books ?
Printed books are A4 in size. They have 10 pages (that’s 20 sides) so it can contain 20 A4 images. Books are highly flexible and every one I make is unique and custom made.  It’s your choice if you require more pages (50 pages / 100 sides max) or how many images are in your book, on each page.  Please ask to see sample books. Available in smaller sizes or square.  They can be colour, black and white, or both and are available in glossy or lustre.
What are the digital files ?
All Free digital files are supplied as “internet ready” ie: full-size images (12″) at 72 dpi, and are emailed to you. They will all have digital metadata tags copyrighted to our studio and will have been signed with a small signature.

All Purchased digital files are supplied as both “internet ready” and “print ready” ie: full-size images (12″) at 72 dpi, and 300 dpi and are emailed to you. They will all have digital metadata tags copyrighted to our studio and will have been signed with a small signature.

Who owns copyright on my images ?
That’s a very common question and an easy one to answer. The Law answers this question for me. The simple answer is “The photographer who captures the image” will always have copyright of the image, simply because he personally captured the image.   Images are always sold as copies, hence the word “copyright”. You can only purchase copies of images created by someone else.
How long will a session take ?
Portrait sessions are usually one (1) hour, but it’s not really timed. We allow 2 hours between appointments so you don’t feel rushed. We may have discussed your sitting in detail beforehand and will have allocated more time if we feel it is necessary.  Children often determine how long your session lasts!